Aloha and Mahalo for Visiting!  

Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, love, peace, compassion, mercy, and hello, among other sentiments of a similar nature. It is used in Hawaii as a greeting meaning hello and goodbye.  Mahalo is Hawaiian for “thank you,” not “rubbish,” as some visitors to our islands sometimes think when they see all of the public rubbish receptacles labeled “Mahalo.”  😉  

This blog is devoted to the exploration and discussion of innovative approaches to the relationship between individual and society.  It is particularly concerned with the evolution of forms of governance that have been instituted by nation states and federations.  It is forward-looking in anticipating new forms of self-governance and interdependence.  It is also conceived to be highly interactive in the sense of creating such interdependence by also anticipating the participation of other like-minded individuals, in not only comment on discussions, but also in potentially becoming regular contributors to the blog itself.  So, I say…

WELCOME to the Synocracy “Ohana”

Note:   “Ohana” literally means family. “This does not exclusively pertain to blood relations.  In Hawaiian culture there are several layers of family. There is a strong sense of community among the people.”  Ohana means “family in an extended sense of the term including blood-related, adoptive or intentional. It emphasizes that family are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another” [Emphasis added].  Thus, the “ohana” concept encompasses the notion of cooperation and synergistic interdependence that is inherent in the word, “Synocracy.”

Alan D. Price, Ph.D.

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